David Johnson and Shanetta Reed responded to a need in the Rochester, New York area where many of the city’s youth are homeless.  They began this Not for Profit in 2016.  Solace Haven has a Not for Profit Organization (501 (c)(3) status.  It is privately funded by community members and local organizations to help provide crisis housing for homeless youth in Rochester, New York.

Organization and Management

Board of Directors

  • President/Chairman - LaVada Howard
  • Secretary - Natasha Howard
  • Financial Secretary - Aisha Howard
  • Kevin Morgan
  • Sharon Pappas
  • Lorenzo D. Williams
  • Marcie Rawls
  • Recardo Cunningham
  • Bryant Cromartie

Solace Haven is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a President, Secretary/ Operations Manager, Fund Raising Coordinator, Program Coordinator and Treasurer.  The Board is presently seeking to recruit more community members, including previously homeless, professionals from collaborative agencies and civic leaders.  In its early development, the Solace Haven Board will provide oversight on program development finance, communications and support of staff.

Our Values, as a small Not for Profit Organization; The Executive Director will be responsible for daily Housing Management and Client work.  The Director will handle administrative duties and coordinate with outside contractors, including CPA and Payroll services.  We will establish safety and comfort standards.

Establish a transitional living residence and program primarily for youth 18-24.  Independent living at the age of 18 is very difficult in Monroe County.  A transitional living program will aid the homeless youth to independence and improve the long-term outcomes of Solace Haven graduates who lack family support.  Along with providing a place for homeless youth to live, our programs will help with individual professional growth.  Our goal is healthy, happy, productive individuals in our community.

Our Commitment
We are in the beginning phase of opening our first facility in the Rochester, New York area.  This facility will change lives.  Our program is designed to fully rebuild the lives of those in need.  With hard work and your help, we have the resources to provide a positive, life altering change to the youth in our community.  Our philosophy “Educate Not Incarcerate”.

With hard work and your help, we will have the resources to provide a positive, life altering change to the youth in our community. For more detailed information about how you can make an impact in the lives of so many who need it, please call us today 585-414-4725

You can also reach us by email through our website’s secure contact page. Thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization.